FIA Signs Partnership Agreement with Accloud

FIA has made an agreement to distribute Accloud’s unique platform solution across its network of micro-SMEs. This partnership facilitates the delivery of a digital economic transformation through Accloud’s highly advanced multi-technology, mobile-first solution which provides seamless B2B e-commerce and best of breed accounting tools.


Entrepreneurs in Gujarat will now have access to an unparalleled suite of digital resources through the Accloud platform to grow their businesses and comply with regulatory requirements (including GST), all delivered in their local dialects.

Accloud offers businesses a new way of working The ability to keep up with regulatory requirements and digitize finance systems without the need for third parties or dedicated finance teams. The opportunity to enter new markets and access affordable funding to enable ongoing systainable growth.

Salient features of the digital resource are as follows:

Product Accounting Features:

Inventory Management Stock take report
Negative stock sale option & imposing restriction based on need
Stock movement across different location
Invoicing Multiple invoice entry without closing them
Invoice cloning to duplicate transaction and amend to avoid data entry
Return requisition and receivables.
Payment and Receipt Multiple invoice settlement against single payment
Partial payment settlement against invoice
Finance Journal voucher entry
Bank transfers
Financial reports Balance Sheets
Trial Balance
Profit and Loss
Tax Summary
General Automated backup
Import data
Mobile apps to easily access information on finger tips


Accloud is the only platform to offer a comprehensive suite of online services to micro-SMEs


Services Paper based Accounting Hired Accountant Accloud Tally Amazon
Simple tax Compliance Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Sales & Purchasing Support No No Yes Yes No
Inventory No No Yes Yes No
Access on any Device No No Yes No Yes
i-trade No No Yes No Yes